Common Name: Brown Hagfish

Scientific Name: Paramyxine atami


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Myxini

Order: Myxiniformes

Family: Myxinidae     

Genus: Paramyxine

Species: P. atami


Have you ever wondered how hagfish look like or what they are? They are found at the very bottom of the seas and some in muddy bays, they kind of look like an eel like fish they are scavengers (feeds on dead organisms)



Their longitude is 9.8 to 39in,their coloration is either BLACK or BROWN the majority live at the very bottom of the seas and some live in muddy bays. They look like an eel and a really weird snake. It makes a great   delicious meal for the Koreans and other places.



They make a living with eggs not live birth. They do very well in their habitat because of  the reason that they live at the bottom of the ocean and their food comes to them because they go down and they eat it because their scavengers, they don’t die often because their predators are at a higher sea level. They are found at seas and there population is about 15,000 .


Their population is increasing because they reproduce and take good care so that they don’t die.



The predators of the hagfish are sea lions, seal, dolphins, and penguins. They are very hard to be eaten because they live at a very dark place. I was amazed because I found out that they can fill 5 buckets of slime in 1 minute, and that they are scavengers.



Finally I say I enjoyed learning about the hagfish and  this research really helped me learn about the life of hagfish.



Author: Manzo J

Published:  2/26/13