Common Name: Pouched Lamprey

Scientific Name: Geotrias australis


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Cephalaspidomorphi

Order: Petromyzontiformes

Family: Geotriidae

Genus: Geotrias

Species: G. australis




The Pouched Lamprey is a snake-looking jawless fish. Pouched Lampreys can grow up to 60 centimeters. They change their coloration depending on the water. In saltwater the lamprey turns a silvery white color. When male Pouched Lampreys mature they grow a pouch under their eyes. The use for the pouch is unknown but some scientist think that is use for reproductive purposes.


The Pouched Lamprey lives mostly in the southern hemisphere. They live in Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia. They live well in this environment due to them being parasitic and feeding on the fish.


The general population of pouched lampreys in unknown, but scientists know that the population is declining due to pollution and loss of habitat. Low spawning rates are due river blockage by dams.


The Lampreys are Parasitic and will eat the blood of fish. The lampreys stick to the side of the fish and start to tear the fish and suck its blood. The lampreys have no true predators


One Interesting fact that I learned is that female lampreys can lay up fifty thousand eggs   


Author: Andrew C

Published: 2/13  

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