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Common Name: Strip-tailed Scorpion

Scientific Name: Hoffmannius springerus


Kingdom : Animalia

Phylum : Arthropoda

Class : Arachnida

Order : Scorpiones

Family : Vaejovida

Genus : Hoffmannius

Species : H. spingerus


When you hear the word “ scorpions “  what do you think of ? Small , venomous , and their tail pinching you.  Scary right ? Well not all scorpions are the same. Hoffmannius Spingerus also known as the Stripe-tailed Scorpion or Devil Scorpion lives the hot deserts and is a very interesting animal. Right now your going to hear some interesting things about the Devil Scorpion that you never heard before.


Its pretty easy to describe a Devil Scorpion. Their all medium sized, but the females are slightly bigger. They are a yellowish tan color with brown tan stripes on the back of their tail. Their tails are typically thicker than their hands. They also have a dark triangle mark between their eyes too. They can be four inches long up to seven inches long too. One cool thing the Devil Scorpion does is its chitnous exoskeleton glows under ultraviolet or black light.


If you want to see one they might live close to you ! Since scorpions like the hot desert weather, you can scorpions in Arizona, California, and New Mexico. But the Devil Scorpion are most common in Arizona. They may be found on sandy soil in a variety of habitats from desert floor to rocky hillsides. There are over 70 species in North America. Only one is considered dangerous to human. I’m not to sure exactly what the population of the Devil Scorpion is but it very common and aren’t becoming endangered.


Do Devil Scorpions eat other scorpions ? Actually yes they do. They eat any invertebrates including many insects and worms. They also eat other scorpions and baby lizards. They also have predators too. Rodents, birds, reptiles, spiders, and other invertebrates like scorpions all feed on the Devil Scorpion.


Why do you think scorpions are so important ? Well, they are natural enemies to several pests, and they are predatory in habit. Scorpions are also important for the environment because they are used for many medical purposes. Scorpions have a lot of cool and interesting things about them. I would personally be scared to see a scorpion in person because they just have that scary feeling to them. But that’s just me.


Author : Maddi G.

Publishe: 2/2013

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