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Common Name: Vaejovidae 
Scientific Name: Syntropis longuiguis


Kingdom:  Animalia

Phylum: Anthropoda

Class: Archnida 

Order: Scorpiones

Family: Vaejovidae

Genus: Syntropis

Species: S. longuiguis


We’ve all seen scorpions, with their pinchers and stinger, but I doubt that you have heard of the Syntropis Longuiguis scorpion. My scorpion lives in and near the Baja desert. In this essay I will tell you much more about the Syntropis Longuiguis.         


The Syntropis Longuiguis scorpion has a lot of really cool facts, one of them being about their size. They can grow to be 2-4 inches long. Their body can be mostly brown, tan, or a mix of both. They  usually live in warm places like the desert and they have never been found in in cold climates before. The scorpion has very distinct features, there is no other creature that really looks close to it.  When you see a it, you’ll know exactly what it is. That’s just some general information about the Syntropis Longuiguis scorpion. The scorpion also isn’t found in a lot of different places. It is mostly found in desserts and dunes like Baja California. There are not many of its kind.


They are very rare, and there are only a couple out there and they don’t look like they are growing in population.  There conservation doesn’t look so good they have about 1 or 2 in a box that they have somewhere in a science lab and they fail to find more of that kin. So that doesn’t look to well for the Syntropis Longuiguis scorpion kind.


Syntropis Longuiguis has to eat and here are the specifics. On the food chain this scorpion mostly eats bugs and insects smaller than themselves for example a roach. They will eat spiders, insects, and even other scorpions.  And if they can’t find any food they pass an incredible ability to slow its metabolism down, so 1 insect could last it 1 full year. If predators come they can defend themselves by using their pinchers or their stinger. The Syntropis Longuiguis’s living way is very interesting.   


My scorpion has an important role of being used for medical uses like their venom to help others get better. The scorpion stood out for being very rare and having only a couple of them found, and what’s not rare is living in the dessert like where you think of when you hear the word scorpion. The Syntropis Longuiguis is a very cool and rare species which has a lot of interesting facts about it; my scorpion isn’t like any other because it’s the 1 and only Syntropis Longuiguis.                                                                                                            


Author: Canaan R. 

Published: 02/2013


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