Common Name: House Centipede

Scientific Name: Allothereua macualta


Kingdom: Anamialia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Chilopoda

Order: Scutigeromorpha
Family: Scutigeridae

Genus: Allothereua

Species: A. maculata


The Allothereua maculata may be a “House Centipede,” but not like those small creatures roaming in the walls of your home. The Allothereua maculata is able to live in a dark room in your house for its whole life! House Centipedes rarely do any harm, but they could do some mild stinging if they get to you. The Allothereua maculata’s body is made up of 15 segments and 15 pairs of long legs. Their color is usually a pale brown with dark markings on its back.


In fact, the Allothereua maculata’s color is able to blend in the ground. Allothereua macualta’s are rarely found. This centipede originated from, Australia and lives in, Urban areas and, Woodland. When most people look at the Allothereua maculata centipede they usually notice their long legs. Their legs come in 15 or 17 pairs, but never 16.


Allothereua macualta lives under wood, trash, or inside caves. Centipedes also like to live in moisture places such as tubs, basins, and basements. Especially dark places. This is why they get their name, House Centipede, because they could find most of these places in a home of course.


In the food web, Allothereua maulata love to prey on bugs, spiders, and other small moving creatures. Their predetors are birds, toads, and shrews. And believe it, or not... humans! Humans could easily step, spray, or kill them in anyway.


The Allothereua maculata helps you with most pests in your home. What would we do without the Allothereua macaulata? They also have the ability to live their whole life in a dark/ moist space in your home too. This centipede is amazing in many ways!



Author: Catherine R.

Date: 02/2012






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