Common name: Centipede
Scientific name: Geophilus Flavus

Domain: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Myriapoda
Order: Chilopoda
Family: Geophilidae
Genus: Geophilus
Species: G. Flavus


This report will be about one of the many centipedes that exist it is named Geophilus Flavus.  Geophilus flavus is a great centipede to learn about.   There are many things that stand out about it, and they are found in many places and then, its diet is very different from what me and you eat.

Geophilus flavus is a centipede.  This centipede is long, slimy, brown, rough and has tentacles.  It is not your ordinary insect.  In fact, centipedes aren’t considered insects.  So this centipede has rough skin and to add it uses its tentacles to feel around so it knows where and which direction it is going.

Next, most of these creatures are found in Australia, and they are doing well there because their population is doing just fine.   They reproduce and can have multiple offspring at a time.  While on the other hand some cannot reproduce ant offspring but the others that can have offspring make up for the ones that can’t.  So in the long run it all end up evening out.

Finally, this centipede practically feeds on little critters that it can find or any other little thing.  But the practical things that usually feed on worm like things such as birds, owls and many other things.  But the centipede can hide and go underground to avoid predators. 

To sum it all up, the report above is about centipedes, but the specific name which are called geophilus flavus.  They are just one of the many creatures and species in the animal world.  And every little species is different in their own kind of way.

Author: Antonio
Published: 2/2012

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