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Common Name: Pygmy Horned Lizard

Scientific Name: Phrynosoma douglasii


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Sauria

Family: Phrynosomatidae

Genus: Phrynosoma

Species: P. douglasii


Pygmy Horned Lizards can grow up to sizes that range from 5cms to 7cms. Their colors are reddish-brown, gray, yellowish with two rows of large black spots on their back, but when threatened their colors become more intense. Pygmy Horned Lizards adapt to deserts and woodlands in spaces with ants. They have short spines crowning their head and are flat-bodied with short legs.


Pygmy Horned Lizards are ant-eaters, unlike other lizards. They have advantages in the ecosystem because of their fast agility. They’re found in North America. A common place they live in is Canada. Pygmy Horned Lizards are said to be at risk. They are currently shrinking in the population. The reason why they are shrinking in the population is that of the industries that are taking up their habitats.


The Pygmy Horned Lizard role in the food web is at times the prey. Their colors help them camouflage with their environment which helps them catch their food. They compete with other lizards in their order for food. They’re eaten by cougars and snakes. Their color and agility help them from being eaten. What stood out to me as I read about this animal is how they are close to extinction. I learned that Pygmy Horned Lizards Like it HOT that’s why they adapt to deserts. I also learned that Pygmy Horned Lizards are not easy to keep as pets. Few people have succeeded to keep them due to their diet.


Author Mark B

Published: 05/2009




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