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Common Name: Marine Iguana

Scientific Name: Amblyrhynchus cristatus


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Sauria

Family: Iguanidae

Genus: Amblyrhynchus

Species: A. cristatus


The marine Iguana is a really unique animal. The Marine Iguana feeds on algae. The Marine Iguana can also spend a limited time in the ocean, lakes and other bodies of water. The threatened level is vulnerable. There are only 50,000 of the Marine Iguana. This animal is cold blooded like all reptiles. The average weight is 1.5 kg. The Adult male is 1.3 m and the females are 0.6 m long.


The sun changes the iguanas color from black to grey and sometimes a greenish color. The iguana gathers a bunch of other female iguanas to mate with and then the male iguana protects the group away from other male iguanas. The Marine iguana is an evolved form from an extinct form. The species is aggressive when cold. 


Author: Josh H

Published: 03/2009



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