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Common name:  Bog Turtle

Scientific Name:  Glyptemys muhlenbergii


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Testudines

Family: Emydidae

Genus: Glyptemys

Species: G. muhlenbergii


Glyptemys muhlenbergii also known as the bog turtle.  A description of the bog turtle is the there are very small only about 4 to 5 inches long.  The coloration of the upper shell is dark brown with yellow to orange marking on it, the lower shell is all brown. And on the head is a large red-orange or yellow blotch behind the eyes.


Some more facts about the bog turtle is there diet and population.  They go to North Carolina, Western Connecticut, western Massachusetts, New York northeast Maryland southern Virginia, and Georgia.  In North Caroline there is a little less than 100 bog turtles left, they are shrinking in size.  Some of the foods that a bog turtle east is insects, slugs, seeds, berries, worms, and crayfish.  The role in the food web that they play is a predator because of what they eat, bog turtles compete with other turtles and frogs for there food. They hunt in the midday but not when it is really hot outside.


The predators of the bog turtle are some humans for a special soup, called turtle soup.   But in the wild a bog turtle evades being eaten because of its hard shell, also because they spend most of there time dug under mud in the water waiting for food.


The bog turtle does well in the ecosystem because their shells have adapted to living under the mud.  They have also adapted by being so small other animals cannot see them as easily. Their size helps them move quickly and quietly through the water to catch crawfish.  Since they are small they don't make big ripples in the water so their pry has no idea they're coming.



Some of the facts that I learned about my animal the bog turtle in that they are the smallest turtles and that they are an endanger species. What stood out about the bog turtle is that they can only breed with other bog turtles. And that they live for 40 or year.    Another quick fact is that the way there environment around them is effecting the way that they live.   


Author:Sarah E




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