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Family - Dermochelyidae (Leatherback Sea Turtle)


Dermochelyidae is a family of marine turtles which has only one species, the Dermochelys coriacae. This animal lives in many oceans around the world. Dermochelyidae is the biggest of all turtles. Leatherback Sea Turtles can grow up to 244cm, and can also be over 800 kg, which is 600 to 1000lbs. This is an amazing size, but some have reached a record weight of 2000lbs. These turtles have sharp points on their upper lips instead of having teeth. What makes this turtle different from others is that instead of having a hard, shelled outer covering they have oily skin and flesh. That explains why they have their common name. One of this animal's adaptations is it's physiological one. This helps it avoid loss of its body heat, which means that they can live in different temperature areas (pole ward) compared to other turtles. Author: Sonia A Published: 02/2009

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