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Common Name: Coral Banded Boxing Shrimp

Scientific Name: Stenopus hispidus


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Crustacea

Order: Decapoda

Family: Pleocyemata

Genus: Stenopus

Species: S. hispidus


Stenopus hispidus is a boxing shrimp the live up to two to three years. It can grow up to two to three. It most known name would be boxing shrimp, Banded boxer shrimp, or Barber pole shrimp. The Boxing shrimp is found in the Atlantic Ocean, Hawaiian Island, and South Africa The boxing shrimp can remember its mate. The Stenopus in the wild is shy and hardly seen. The Boxing Shrimp live in gaps between the rocks on the ocean floor. They are very territorial and can remain in a one square meter for over a year. Its population of the boxing shrimp is very difficult to determine. Its diet and feeding habitat of the boxing shrimp, when kept as pets, is that they eat flake food that has vitamins. They do well eating frozen live foods.


Author: Mellissa C 

Published: 09/15/2010


Photo Credit: hispidus_1.jpg/800px-Stenopus_hispidus_1.jpg

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