Common name: Giant Millipede 

Scientific name: Rhinocricus parcus

Kingdom: Animalia

Plylum: Arthropoda 

Class: Diplopoda

Order: Sprobolida

Genus: Rhinocricidae

Species: R. parcus


Giant millipedes are also known as Rhinocricus Parcus. They have 16 or more segments, and can be found in Puerto Rico and Africa. The purpose of this essay is expository.


This paragraph will be about the general description. The size of Giant Millipedes are 8-10 inches. Colors are red, yellow, and black. In Africa, some people have millipedes as pets.


This paragraph will be about the habitat, and population. Giant millipedes can be found in Puerto Rico and Africa. The population of Giant Millipede is growing, Giant millipedes breed quite rapidly.


This paragraph will be about diet, feeding habits, and its predators. Giant Millipedes are Herbivores. Giant millipedes are consumers. They eat leaves and plants. The predators are mostly birds. To prevent from getting eaten by birds Giant Millipedes curl up like a spiral.


The importance of this insect is it eats dead leaves. What stands out about Giant Millipedes is the colorful patterns. Giant Millipedes are very gentle and people keep them as pets.

Author: Cezhara E.

Published: 2/2012


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