Common Name:  Gill Lice
Scientific Name:  Ergasilus sieboldi


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Maxillopoda
Order: Poecilostmatodia
Family: Ergasilidae
Genus: Ergasilus
Species: E. sieboldi


Did you know that a parasite can kill fishes and humans? Well, they can Ergasilus sieboldi  is also known as a gill maggot. They are located on the London shore or with plankton. The gill maggots can grow up to 1mm to 2 mm but within its egg sack it is 2.5. since they are parasites they are also consumers.

These parasites attach bluefish gills and slowly eating and killing them:). But this is bad for fishermen because people in london eat a lot of blue fish. This maggots proably dont have predtors because if a bigger fish eats the blue fish with the parasite will spread and kill the bigger fish. They come in very many colors. They compete with other parasites by fighting.

This concludes this learning experience with learning with the gill maggot. I have learned that there are a lot of parasities. That eat fish and are a consumer. And they are very tiny.

Author: Haley R.
Date Published: 4/2013