Common Name: True Crane Fly
Scientific Name: Tipula luna

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Family: Tipulidae
Species: T. luna



My insect is the Tipula luna, also known as the True Crane fly. They are usually found in moist wooded areas, rushy meadows and marshes. They have a grey abdomen, usually with a central line of darker dashes and stripes on the thorax.

The length of the True Crane fly is about 19-21 mm; the wing length is 17-21 mm. The coloration is usually light brown to grey. The characteristics about this insect  are the long legs which in the UK is called Daddy Long Legs which in America we call the spiders with long legs.

The Tipula Luna is usually widespread throughout the West Palearctic, and Italy, Poland, Denmark, Hungary. The population of this insect is stable. They are not in danger and no concerns.

The True Crane fly is at the bottom of the food chain since it doesn’t really eat. They may look like mosquitoes but they are harmless to humans and don’t sting at all. They don’t eat when there adults or they may sometimes eat nectar but usually nothing at all. Their predators are birds.

I like researching my animal. I think what really stood out was how they don’t eat at all. I think the Tipula Luna is a very interesting insect.

Author: Aviana C.
Published: 2/2013

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