Common Name: Pharaoh Ant
Scientific Name: Monomorium pharaonis

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Genus: Monomorium
Species: M. pharaonis



Everyday you see ants, whether it’s on old food or just going trough your house.  The Pharaoh Ant is a very interesting ant, and it is a very irritating pest that is tough to get rid of.  Pharaoh Ants are very small and they have a different variety of colors on them.  They are found in so many different places such as the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. There are so many wonders about the Pharaoh Ant and I will show you many of them.

The pharaoh Ant is very unique with several different possessions.  This ant is very small; it is about 1-2 millimeters or 1/16 inches long.  They also have a few different colors some being yellow, light brown, and red torn with black markings on the abdomen.  Their eye has twenty facets, it doesn’t have a lot of hair, and the females are usually larger than the males.  Pharaoh Ants are very different from other ants in good and bad ways than other ants.

The Pharaoh Ants are a very large group of ants and are very populated.  They can be found in almost any part of the world.  There are too many Pharaoh Ants to count because their population is increasing insanely fast.  This is because they will find a warm place and stay there and make several more ants called budding.  This ant does not really have a conservation status because it is not very developed.  This ant may not be well developed but it still has a great number for its population and it is still growing.

Pharaoh Ants have very odd feeding habits and not a lot of predators.  The Pharaoh Ants are very small so there is little known about their predators.  This ant is an omnivore and likes to eat a lot of household foods such as sweets, fatty foods, certain meats, dead insects, and even medical bandages that attract them to hospitals.  They get their food by nesting in really small places close to their food and normally eat in their nest.  They do not kill other bugs but feed on the dead remains and we don’t really know who eats them, so this makes them not very important.  The Pharaoh Ant is not a big insect when it comes to the food chain but food is easy for them.

Now I hope you see that this type of ant can be both very important and not at all important.  There was a lot of interesting information on the Pharaoh Ant but something that really stood out was how much of a pest they are.  There were a lot of websites that would sell supplies and tell you how to get rid of them.  I hope the Pharaoh Ant went from something that you didn’t even know existed to an ant that just wowed you.

Author: Hunter H.
Date Published: 3/13

Sources: by Daniel Morris used 2-2-12, used 2-3-12, used 2-13-12
Photo credit: