Common Name:  Army Ant

Scientific Name:  Eciton burchellii

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Genus: Eciton
Species:  E. burchellii



This ant is so amazing! Army ants are aggressive, and have a very strong bite. They have a serious impact on the native insects that cross their paths. The name of this ant is called the Army ant, the location the army ant is from around Mexico Almost fills up South America. The purpose of this essay is because for I well be able to learn more about insects.

The size of this army ant is from 3 millimeters to 12 millimeter size. This animal’s coloration is only brown.  Adaptions to this animal is just by go getting food and making new babies.  This animal has 6 legs, and it has 3 sets of legs, the color is brown, and they bit very hard.  I think this ant is very interesting because when the ant bits you it has some poison on it and maybe you well die.

They are found in hot humid air lowland tropical rainforest. There nests are typically found at the base of the tree trunks, and there population of ants are at least 150 thousand to 2 million individuals, and they don’t conserve.  Found in the tropics and subtropics of Brazil, Peru and Mexico, the population of all the ants are between 150 thousand to 2 million and there population is growing because it seems to maintain high gene flow via male dispersal. I think this is very cool because 2 million ants that all leave together and families can’t leave altogether like that. 

Mostly insects including tarantulas, scorpions, beetles and other ant species all in large amounts. The occasional animals including frogs, snakes, lizards that’s what the ants feed on, they usually eat them at night; they eat them where ever they find there pre, and they usually get them by their claws and they eat them by chewing them up. They are normally found in got humid air and in tropical rainforest. The amazing thing about this animal is that they can eat all this animals and they are usually bigger than them.

This animal is important because if they don’t eat all there food then we would have more scorpion’s,  beetles, tarantulas would be around more so that’s good that there aren’t a lot because this ant eats those things. I think it stood out because this ant has a poison’s tip and if it bits u most chances you wouldn’t leave. I think this ant is so amazing because they can leave up to 2 million in one big home, also because they are at least 2 millimeters to 12 millimeters big.

Author: Saul S.
Published: 03/13


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