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Common Name: Toe Biter

Scientific Name: Abedus indentatus

Kingdom: Amelia
Phylum:  Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order:  Hemiptera
Family: Belostomatidae 
Genus: Abedus
Species:  A. indentatus


These bugs are very different from other bugs I see. The name of this animal in the picture is called the “Toe Biter”.  It lives in Florida and there are all different kinds of them, they don’t all look the same. There’s “Toe Biters,” “Electric Light Bugs,” and there’s the “Alligator Tick.” All this information can help you.


Now it’s about what my animal looks like. The size of my insect is about 2 cm or more. The coloration of my animal is brown, also tan and light brown, ok; there are a lot of shades of brown to fit this insect. The adaptation to my insect is they live in water, like ponds, puddles and streams, little places like that. Have piercing, sucking mouth parts. The last sentence made me throw up a little.

Let’s talk about where my animal lives, population, and conservation. My insect was found in Orlando, Florida. The population is the same. The conservation status is that they live in wet branchy areas. This is mostly about what they are. Where they live, what’s the population all that.

This paragraph is amazing. There niche in the food web is at the bottom of it, not the very bottom. They eat small fish, in the morning and at night. I think that where they would get there food will be in the water, also how they eat it is, that they have piercing, sucking mouth parts as I said in paragraph 2. Predators are birds. It prevents itself from getting eaten is they either go in the water or hide under branches.

The importance of my animal is it makes the human race longer. There annoying but without them the things that they eat might grow to big and get us. What stands out is that they mama always mates lays its egg on the male and then she goes onto another bug. Now the male has to help the eggs all by itself. Well these bugs are amazing, so much information that I never knew. Hope this helps you in the future when you see this.

Author: Alexandria S.


Photo Credit:

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