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Common Name: Blue-Green Sharpshooter
Scientific Name: Graphocephala atropunctata

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hemiptera
Family: Cicadellidae
Genus: Graphocephala
Species: G. atropunctata



There are millions of insects in the world. The blue green sharpshooter is one of the main insect in the Central America. The blue green sharpshooter is considered to be the most important pierce's desease vector for coastal California, from San Diego in the south through Mendocino countries to the north. It is reported as occuring from Central America though British Columbia and is often a bundent in coastal Oregon and Washington . In California, It can be found in the Foothills of the Sierra  This is the insect you are going to be reading a lot of more information.

This paragraph is going to be about the insects general descrption. The blue green sharpshooter size is 0.4 inch long. The blue green sharpshooter coloration of his body is yellow, his wings light green with dark green variation on its wing. The Blue green sharpshooter is a large leafhopper species native to the southern united states. Insects in the order hemiptera considered the second most important group of plant pathogen vectors, after aphids as agriculture crop pests. Be aproaches are providing new information of the genetic basis of biology behavior, and refinement of their phylogentic classification. This paragraph was about my insects ''Blue green sharpshooter'' about its description.

This paragraph is about the blue green sharpshooter and is about its habitat,population, and conservation. The blue green saharpshooter is located in the western united states.The blue green sharpshooter population is still good. The analzed  probaly let penetration behaviors of the sharpshooter  leafhopper graphocephala atropunctata on grape with an alternating current electrical penetration graph monited. So this paragraph is about the population, habitat, and conservation.

This paragraph is about the blue green sharpshooters diet, feeding habits, and predators. The sharpshooter adults are large almost half an inch(12mm) in length, dark blue or green, head and green stippled  with ivory or bluish spots. The blue green sharpshooter became established in the california's San Joaquin valley on the 1990's. Sharpshooter feeding does not cause dammage in a grape; however, these do be insects vectors the bacterium xylella fastidosa, which causes pierces's diesese in grapes. This paragraph was about the diet, feeding, habits, and predators.

The genetic structure of 23 population of Graphocephala atropunctata (signoret) (hemipetera: cicadellinae), a vector of the plant pathgenic bacterium xylella fastidosa well sets al, was invesigated using ribosomal 285 and mitochondria cytochrome  c oxidase I gene sequences. The 285 sequences were identical across all g. The blue-green sharpshooter feeds reproduces, and is often asbundantion cultivated grape. I also feeds and reproduces on many other plants but prefers woody or perennial, is a major breeding host. This is my insect''Graphocephala atropunctata AKA Blue green sharpshooter,'' that was all the facts you just read about the blue green sharpshooter. 

Author: Nathaniel S.
Published: 03/13

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