Common Name: Blue Mud Dauber
Scientific name: Chalybion californicum

Kingdom: Animilia
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Sphecidae
Genus: Chalybion
Species: C. californicum



The name “ Blue Mud Dauber” may sound boring, but it isn’t anything close to that!! My insect is a ferocious, viscous and scary... 1 inch insect. The Blue Mud Dauber is from the Bee/Wasp family.  You have nothing to be afraid of if you run into a Blue Mud Dauber, but try and mess with it. Well let’s just say very illness could occur.

My insect isn’t very big at all. But I think the colors are pretty together. The Blue Mud Dauber is 10-23mm long when it is born. When  it is a adult it can get up to 3/4cm or a 1 inch. Its just a bit bigger then a regular wasp. It is plane black with a stripe of blue running down its back. Around the rear there are two bright, bright yellow circles.

The Blue Mud Dauber  loves HOT desert areas. My insect is usually found in Africa or India or Texas. The Blue Mud Dauber is a blue species of mud dauber wasp that preys primarily on Black widow spiders. It does not build a nest, but uses nests abandoned by other mud dauber wasps. Like other mud daubers, it is rarely aggressive. Blue mud dauber wasps are generally considered beneficial, because they help to regulate the population of black widow spider.

There predators are mostley birds and frogs. They have two bright yellow spots on the bottom of them so when there predators come they start running in circles and it confuses the predator. So that is how it gets away from its predators.

As you can my insect is interesting. My favorite thing about this insect are the colors I just think they go very pretty together. The black is shiny so it’s cute. The Blue Mud Dauber is anything but boring.

Author: Victoria S.
Date Published: 3/13