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Common Name: Bolivaroscelis bolivarii

Scientific Name: Bolivaroscelis bolivarii

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Mantiodea
Family: Amorphoscelididae
Genus: Bolivaroscelis
Species: B.bolivarii



The insect Bolivaroscelis Bolivarii is very interesting. It is in the order Maniodea. This means it is a type of mantis. You may have seen it if you have gone to Australia, for that is where it lives.

This bug is brpredator. own and sometimes green. This coloration allows it to use camouflage. It has big eye that see very well. It can get up to four inches long!

Since they live in Australia, they can handle extreme climates. Its color helps it a lot. Most of  the plants in its region are the same color. Its camouflage helps it with many things, from hunting pray , to hiding from predators.

There are no current conservation efforts for this bug. The population for the Bolivaroscelis Bolivarii is unknown. The Bolivaroscelis is a carnivore and is aggressive toward its prey. It prays upon other insects, small mammals, and small reptiles. The completer for this bug is some spiders.

Birds, lizards, and mammals like bats will eat this insect. It is good for farming though and will eat pests. Camouflage helps hide this tiny, aggressive predator.

Author: Cody M.
Published: 3/2013

Photo Credit:

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