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Common Name: Medicinal Leech

Scientific Name: Hirudo Medicinalis


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Annelida

Class: Clitellata
Order: Hirudinea
Family: Hirudidae
Genus: Hirudo
Species: H. medicinalis


The Medicinal Leech has many like the European Medical Leech. Mostly they are used as medical leeches and they are also used as medicine too. Also were used in the past for medicine too.


Their Preferred habitat for this species is muddy freshwater pools and ditches with plentiful weed growth in a temperate climate. They are mostly found in Europe and Asia. Their population in America is small. In the UK there are about 20 remains of isolated populations.


Medicinal have three jaws and, and have 100 sharp teeth to cut into their food. Large Adults can consume up to 15 grams of blood in a single meal. Medicinal have both reproductive male and female organs which they reproduce by sexual mating.


Author:  Nik F

Published:  02/2008




Photo Credit:

1906 Brockhaus Kleines Konversationslexikon

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