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Common Name: Large Clawed scorpion   

Scientific Name: Scorpio maurus


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Arachnida

Order: Scorpiones

Family: Scorpionidae

Genus: Scorpio

Species: S. maurus


The large clawed scorpion or “Scorpio Maurus” is a very interesting animal. It gets its name from its large claws and maybe by its color. It doesn’t live in any cold places such as Antarctica or any place cold. This type of scorpion may look poisonous but it’s not. Here are a few paragraphs that will teach you about them.


The large clawed scorpion is somewhat common to people. An adult scorpion can be up to 2-3.5 in. this type of scorpion is a golden/ yellowish brown color. The large clawed scorpion has large claws to protect itself from enemies. This type of scorpion can be controllable, so it can be a pet but you must take good care of it. This type of scorpion is somewhat common for these reasons.


Large clawed scorpions live in hot environments and are a predator to some other insects. This scorpion can be found in Africa or the Middle East. They live in the desert, rain forest, prairies, grass lands, forests, mountains, caves, ponds, and seashores. This type of scorpion is a predator to other insects, some scorpions, and small rodents but its predators are shrews, other scorpions, rodents, birds, and lizards. As you can see, they may be a predator to some insects but it still has to watch out for some animals.


The large clawed scorpion has very interesting eating habits and has a few predators. This scorpion has a role in the food web to feed birds or lizards. They eat other insects, smaller scorpions, and small rodents. They capture their food with their claws or they stun them with their venom and then eat them. The large clawed scorpion’s predators are larger than them and they are bird or lizards. It hides from them by burrowing  in the ground. As you can see this scorpion has to do a lot to keep itself alive and fed.


This animal is important because it gives some other animals food to eat. One thing that stood out was that it wasn’t poisonous but you should still watch out for them. This scorpion isn’t just some boring old that you think it is. It’s also is very interesting to learn about.


Author: Alyssa C.

Published: 02/2013




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