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Common Name: Tazmanian Centipede
Scientific Name: Lithobius variegates

Kingdom: Animilia
Phylum: Anthropoda
Class: Chilopopda
Order: Lithobiomorpha
Family: Lithabiidae
Genus: Lithobius
Species: L. variegates


Did you know, a centipede could live up to an average of five years? The highest for one to live is at least seven years, but that is usually it. Centipedes can be tricky in a way, also they are almost everywhere! 

Now there are many facts about the Lithobius variegates, so here are a few. The population of the centipede is estimated to be about eight-thousand for all species of centipedes. Speaking of big, for little creatures, they can grow. It could grow from one to eleven inches, pretty big for something small. Also how many legs do you think a centipede has? Not one-hundred, people almost always think of a hundred when really it’s only fifteen to thirty pairs. Now I’m still not done with numbers, a centipede can lay up to an average of sixty eggs, a lot right? Now I want you to know, centipedes have many colors they can be. Usually the colors they’ve seen a most of are: yellow, black, orange, red, white, and brown. More facts then you thought it would be, right?

Now I bet you’re asking, where do centipedes live? Well  centipedes are mainly found in tropical climates, and are rarely found in hot dry places. You can find centipedes in rain forest, or a forest. They are usually on the ground of where ever their environment is, but they can still climb. For these creatures it has to be just the right temperature, it can’t be too hot and it can’t be too cold. For this thing, it has to be just right. Because if it’s hot or cold they can die, it needs to be in the middle.

Speaking of in the middle, it must be hard if you’re on the ground in a huge place just looking for food. Why you ask, well predators are the answer. The Lithobius variegates predators are mainly: birds, toads, and small mammals. That’s why a lot of legs come in handy at times, it really helps for running. Now what a centipede eats, are yummy insects. Their main prey is, worms and spiders. Now to eat these great treats they have fangs. The fangs of a centipede are located at the top near the head. They help by stunning its prey with poison, so it can be easier for eating.

Now centipedes are very different then some insects. I thought centipedes also would be related to a millipede, but trust me they aren’t at all. Millipedes are much nicer, but this isn’t about millipedes is it. Now I want you to know one last fact about centipedes, they are one of the oldest insects to live on planet.


Author: Inez C.
Published: 4/2013,

Photo Credit:

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