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Common Name: None

Scientific Name: Bothriurus  olaen


Kingdom: Anamalia

Phylum: Arthrpoda

Class: Arachnida

Order: Scorpiones

Family: Bothriuridae

Genus: Bothriurus

Species: B. olaen


In Argentina, where my animal Bothriurus olaen is from, there are many scorpions but they either call them, “alacran” or “ escorpion.” So there is really no common name for my animal. My animal lives in Argentina, South America. It lives in the mountains under rocks and in crevices. In the mountains it is either cool or humid, so these scorpions are used to the weather. The reason for me to write this essay is to give information about an unknown animal.


Bothriurus olaen is about five centimeters long and is closely related to the large scorpion Bothrius burmeisteri. My animal is light brown with tan and orange. It is a type of scorpion so it has the basic characteristics of a scorpion a stinger, venom, eight legs, pinchers, and eyes. Because little is known about this animal I am not sure if it has any adaptations.


Not much is known about the habitat, population, and conservation of my animal. The scorpions in the mountains in Argentina are known as mountain dwellers and are found in temperate and subtropical areas. There are about 148 different kinds of species in 16 genera. The scorpion is not evaluated in conservation status. So there is no information on it being extinct or not.


There are many things the Bothriurus olaen scorpion eats and gets eaten by. This scorpion hunts or eats unsuspecting prey close. Some of the many things that it eats are insects, small reptiles, and mammals. Some of the many animals that it eats are centipedes, millipedes, snails, spiders, mice, and other scorpions. The scorpion family eats its prey head first and uses the venom in its stinger to kill it. Many small birds, such as the Burrowing Owl, eat this scorpion. Although I have stated that little is known about this animal, I did find a good amount of information on it’s role in the food chain.


Bothriurus olaen is important because it is alive to eat curtain animals and curtain animals need to eat it to survive. Some interesting facts would be that some of these scorpions can survive without food for six to twelve months. Also, they give birth to live young and have thicket tails than most scorpions. While researching this animal it was difficult but I learned about a scorpion I have never even heard of before.

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