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Family - Ranidae

True Frogs

There are many types of Ranidaes.  Another name for Ranidaes are called The True Frog.  Many True Frogs habits are by water such as a pond, quiet stream, or marsh.  But some however like fast moving water.  They do not live in the water. They only go there to breed.  They usually live in forest or grasslands and even in moist places on land. 


Many of these frogs come in many shapes and sizes.  But they do have something in common.  They all have teeth on upper level of their mouth, and webfeet.  As usual the female is bigger than the male, but the male has longer hind legs with more webbing between their feet and toes.  The males typically also have thicker front legs to hold the female during mate.  Most True Frogs are shades of greens or browns, also depending where they live. 


A lot of Ranidaes are nocturnal frogs, because they eat insects and other invertebrate.  The large members of the family have a more variety in their diets.  When the large frog is hunting they usually hunt ambush style.  Although most Ranidae or True Frogs are up at night, some will be up during daytime.  When up during daytime, they will sunbath, or bask by sitting in a warm spot on land or on the top layer of water by floating. 



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