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Common Name: Taita Mountains caecilian

Scientific Name: Boulengerula taitana


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Amphibia

Order: Gymnophiona                                  

Family: Caeciliidae

Genus: Boulengerula

Species: B. taitana

Boulengerula taitana is a type of a Caeciliidae. It is gray, or pinkish. It can be up to 348mm as a male and 333mm as a female. If you were to go and try to find this in South America you would go by a large tree and dig around its routes. It looks like a type of a segmented worm. It will have a whole bunch of lines on its back, slimy and long. They feed on termites, earthworms, ants, and other soil macro fauna. They complete with underground bugs but they have an advantage of absorbing there food through their skin. They have to be careful because snakes and birds like to eat them.


They have a lot of interesting facts about them. For example, it feeds its young. They females have modified skin. They adults have blue hue with contrasting annulations. And their niche is on their stomachs.


South America is a great place for them to live because they need the rain for the soil they live in, they also need it to eat what they do. The rainforest is great because they sometimes live in the soil by the roots of the huge trees. It can also be a disadvantage to the Boulengerula Taitana living in the South America rainforests because tropical birds and snakes like to eat them. It also can be a bad thing because it could over rain and flood the ground and they would die.


They don’t know how many there are but they do know that they are shrinking. Who knows why? I don’t know.


Author: Mckenna L.

Published: 5/09



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