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Common name: Two-Lined Caecilian
Scientific name: Rhinatrema bivittatum

Species: R. bivittatum


This animal hardly anyone knows is Rhinatrema bivittatum or the Two-lined caecilian. The Two-lined caecilian does not live in the USA; in fact it only lives in South America. These snakes (if you did not know), are mostly brownish black with yellow on there belly. The Two-lined caecilian lives in South Americas rainforests. These snakes are bilateral, they have a backbone, and they have a nervous system, they have more just a lot. This snake’s adult range is from 7.7 to 12.9 (1 ft) inches long.


 This animal has a soft bodied but it has a backbone. The Two-lined caecilian has skin like a rock so it does not get eaten. Sense we are talking about getting eaten this animals predator is flying birds and bigger snakes. These animals only eat small things like bugs and frogs. This animal does not have a problem of staying alive.


The Two-lined caecilian lives in South America. The places in South America are; northern Brazil, French Guinea, Guyana, and Surinam. All of these places are in rainforest or by most ground. They need moist areas because of their skin. Their skin is very slimy so they can move faster. They stay alive for awhile until a bird or a larger snake comes along.


This is weird no one really knows the population of the Two-lined caecilian. It is unknown to the human race. Anyways the Two-lined caecilian is shrinking in size because there is not any reproduction with these snakes. The change of this animal of there population by there lack of reproduction because of only male or female snakes.


I learned a lot from this animal. I learned the animal I did not know what this animal was (Two-lined caecilian). The thing I found interesting was that this snake looks like a rock. Also how it is very slimy. Well this was my animal I hope you learned something from this.


Author: Nathan P

Published: 05/2010




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