Common Name: Capillaries Philippinensis

Scientific Name: Capillaries Philippinensis

Kingdom: Animalia  

Phylum: Nematode 

Class: Adenophorea

Family: Trichinellidae

Genus: Capilliaraia

Species: C.phillippnensis


Have you ever wondered what can get inside of you?? The scientific name for the Capillaries philippinensis is Parasitic nematode.


The general description of this animal is, they are very small, the males are usually around the length of 1.5-3.9 mm long, and the females are usually around the length of 2.3-5.3m..They are peanut shaped with a small tail at the end of their body.


The habitat and range of these little things that they are found in your intestines. These are mostly found in the Philippines and in Thailand. They carry diseases that are rarely found here in the U.S. and only 32 people got this disease.


The Diet and feeding habits are whatever the human or animal eats. Its favorite food is fish so when you get one of these in your body it was caused by eating fish.


The Capillaries phillippinensis has no prey one of the reasons why I personally think that they have no predators because they are in your intestines.


Now if you have ever wondered what the Capillaries phillippinensis is you can tell all your friend that you know what that is and you can tell them all the information that you read.

Author:Ashlyn M 
Published: 08/2018

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