Common Name: Human Whipworm

Scientific Name: Trichuris trichiura


kingdom: Animalia

phylum: Nematoda

class: Adenophorea

order: Trchurida

family: Tichuridae

genus: Trichuris

species: T. trichiura




The trichuris trichiura or its common name is the whipworm, is a worm that causes trichuriasis.

In this paragraph, I will be telling you the general description of the whipworm. The female whipworms are 35-50 mm long and the males are 30-45 mm long. The whipworm is a pinkish white worm. To feed they attach to the host through their anterior and feed on tissue instead of blood. They are a whip-like worm and thicker on one end then the other.

This paragraph is about the habitat and population of the whipworm. The whipworm is a worldwide distribution but is commonly found in Asia, Africa, And South America. But it is rare overall but may be common in the rural of Southeast. It is estimated that there are over 1 billion human infections.

Now I will describe the diet, feeding habits, and the predators of the whipworm. The whipworm feeds on the tissue secretions of the host, not the blood. The only predator is a manmade medicine.


Author: Spencer W 
Published: 02/2013