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Common name: Kopparfoting

Scientific name: Polyzonium germanicum


Kingdom: Animalia

Phloem: Anthropoid

Class: Diplopoda

Order: Polyzoniida

Family: Polyoniidae

Genus: Polyzonium

Species: P. germanicum


Polyzonium germanicum or Kopparfoting is a rare one thousand legged millipede that is only found in areas around Germany, and in the next few paragraphs I will tell you more about it. 


The Kopparfoting grows to be about an inch long, it is a pale orange, has one thousand legs, also it has a pair of antennas on its head and the ends of its body is slightly pointed.


Kopparfoting is found only in, the United Kingdom, Germany and Astra. The current population of Kopparfoting is 1544!  And getting lower! For the moment they are not being preserved.


The Kopparfoting is like all other, millipedes a decomposer. Millipedes eat decaying leafs and vegetation on the forest floor, where it will live all its life.     


Author: Anna, C

Published: 02/2012


Sources,January29, 2013.,February18, 2013.

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