Common Name: Doppel Fussler

Scientific Name: Spirostreptus Seychellarum


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Diplopoda

Order: Spirostreptidae

Genus: Spirostreptus 

Species: S. eychellarum


Here is the creepiest crawler you will ever read about.  It’s called Spirostreptus Seychellarum.  Other than that the common name is the Doppel Fussler.   It’s a type of millipede.   Also, I’m going to write about more interesting facts about it.


The Doppel Fussler is big.  It has 350 legs.  Another thing is that it lives on dirt.  The seychellarum has red and light red colors on it.  One characteristic that it has is that it can shoot out gunk out of its mouth. The seychellarum does that if a predator come and tries to eat it or if it’s trying to compete with another animal to get food. 


There are a lot of spirostreptus seychellarums.  Also, it is found in mostly Africa but there’s some in Thailand.  Another thing, my animal is safe.  They also live close by tropics. 


The Doppel Fussler is an herbivore.  It only eats dead plants and vegetables.  Also, it eats some types of flowers.  There are many predatore that try to eat this type of centipede.  Such as, beetles, lizards, shrews, and some birds. 


In tropical regions they’re actually, more than important than worms are.  Another, little fact is that also when a predator come ups to them they will curl up in a little ball.


Author: Katie B

Date Published: 2-16-12




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