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Common name: Brine Shrimp
Scientific name: Artemia monica

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Anthropoda
Class: Branchiopoda
Order: anostraca
Family: Artemiidae
Species:  Artemia  
Genus: A. Monica


This species of shrimp is called Brine Shrimp, but it is also known as a common pet the “Sea Monkey.” The brine shrimp’s egg is called a cyst. The cyst can live in extreme conditions and will hatch within 2 hours when it reaches salt water.


The brine shrimp has 19 segments on its body. The shrimp has one pair of legs for 18 segments of the body. The females are about ten millimeters long to twelve millimeters. The males are 8 millimeters to 10 millimeters long. Brine shrimp can be transparent, orange, pink, and a red-pink.


The brine shrimp live in Mono Lake. They eat anything that is an organism floating in the water. This shrimp actually The smallest but top predator in its food chain. The reason why is because there are not very many animals that can live in salt lakes. One important thing about this animal is that it cleans up the salt lake.


The population of this animal is not harmed at all when people catch them because there are over 6 trillion in mono lake alone. You may see these animals in little groups around the lake too. This animal is very interesting and can do many things for its small size.

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