Common Name : English - Arfak Astrapia

Scientific Name : Astrapia nigra


Kingdom : Animalia

Phylum : Chordata

Class : Aves

Order : Passeriformes

Family : Paradisaeidae

Genus : Astrapia

Species : A. Nigra


Do you know what an Astrapia Nigra is ? Well those who don’t Astrapia nigra is a long and colorful bird . That lives in the Arfak Mountains. After you read this essay , you will know all about the Astrapia nigra.


Astrapia Nigra is approximately 76 cm long . Its the black bird of paradise with an iridescent purple , green , and bronze plumage . It has a remarkably long tail , far from any other ordinary bird’s tail.


The Astrapia Nigra is found in the Arfak Mountains . Their habitat is mid and upper montane and the subalpine forests ; 1700-2250m . The population is stable as of now . The global population size has not been quantified , but the species is reported to be common at higher elevations near Manokwari. The conversation status is Least Common .Their habitat is mid and upper mountain and the subalpine forests ; 1700-2250m .


Their diet of The-Birds-Paradise is dominated by fruits and arthropods , although small amounts of nectar and small vertebrates be taken . Their are no natural predators of the Astrapia Nigra .


In conclusion , the Astrapia Nigra is The Bird Of Paradise . It lives in the Arfak Mountains . Its diet contains of fruits and arthropods and small vertebrates .


Author: Danae H.

Published: 02/2013



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