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Order - Sphenisciformes

These interesting birds are unique because they are flightless unlike others and are usually aquatic. They are notorious in the Southern Hemisphere (especially Antarctica).

Although these birds are famous and well known for their icy habitat, some of the population lives in temperate zones close to the equator. They are amazingly adapted to aquatic life (which they spend most of their life, even though their wings are useless for flight in air; many people consider penguins to “fly in water.” These animals are cleverly camouflaged with a black back and a white stomach. This is good for predators from below (orca or a leopard seal) to have a hard time to tell the difference between the sky and the reflection of the water. With that, this particular species are incredibly good at surviving the harsh environment that they call home.

Author: Vivian Y
Date Published: 04/2011

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