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Common Name: Eclectus Parrot            

Scientific name: Eclectus roratus


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Aves

Order: Psittaciformes

Family: Psittacidae

Genus:  Eclectus

Species: E. roratus


One of the most extraordinary parrots in the world is the Eclectus roratus parrot. This parrot is far from being extinct, it can be found in many places around the world. The Eclectus parrot can be a common household pet. The unique color patterns on the Eclectus roratus parrot makes them different than any other species.

The eclectus roratus is a beautiful parrot with many different exotic colored feathers. The male parrot’s feathers are a bright green and blue, and its beak is a brown color in the middle and the color yellow spreads out around the edges. The female parrot has feathers that are wine-color red, purple and blue feathers underneath the wings. The female’s beak is an all around black beak. The size of the parrot can reach to be 13.6 inches, and the weight can reach up to 15-21 ounces. The beautiful colors of their plumage would be easy to spot in any of the many ranges where the Eclectus roratus parrot lives.

Ranges of the Eclectus roratus parrot include being a native to the Solomon Islands, Sumba, and Papua, New Guinea. The Eclectus parrot also can be found in northeastern Australia and the Maluku Islands. The largest population is found in Papua, New Guinea.  This parrot can be found around lowland forest, coastal areas, and cultivations. In Papua, New Guinea, this parrot was once considered a pest because they would eat the fruits off all the tree branches. Not only can this parrot be found in these ranges, but it can also be found in family home as a pet. Living in these places, the Eclectus roratus parrot has to have a high fiber diet, which has many different food options.

The diet of the Eclectus roratus parrot in the wild include of fruits, wild figs, unripe nuts, flower and leaf buds, and some seeds. The two favorite foods of this parrot are pomegranate and papaya. In captivity the parrot will eat things like mangos, bananas, melons, grapes, pears, apples, and many more. Also, the parrot has to find its food fast because beats (its predator) can eat it. The Eclectus parrot consumes a large diet, which it needs to be able to do its daily activities.

There are many interesting facts about the Eclectus roratus parrot. This parrot stands out because its marked sexual dimorphism, which means the males and females are different colors. I learned that there are over 300,000 of these parrots in the world. In these 300,000 parrots, some have lived up to 50 years and up. In the past years, the Eclectus roratus parrot’s population has continued to increase. With all the research I have done, I wish that someday I can have the privilege to see this bird in its own habitat and even have one as a pet.

Author: Vanessa L.

Date Published: 3/2010



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