Common Name: The Golden-Winged Dancer
Scientific Name: Argia rhoadsi

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Odonata
Family: Coenagrionidae
Genus: Argia
Species: A. rhoadsi



The argia rhoadsi is a dragonfly that is named “the golden winged dancer.”This insect mostly lives in the United States, Mexico, and in Brazil. The scientific name for the golden winged dancer is argia rhoadsi. This bug is like a light blue color with a speck of black.

Argia rhoadsi is a interesting insect. First of all, the length of an argia rhoadsi is 25-89 mm.The color of the argia rhoadsi is black and blue and the males have different color markings than the females. Then the males defend the females so they could lay eggs. The wings usually held outstretched horizontally at rest plus a male has a three terminal appendages. Clearly, the arigia rhoadsi has very interesting facts like the size its long like a millipede or a centipede.

The animal only lives in certain places in the world.  The argia rhoadsi is located in desert parts in the world like Texas. Then there are only 325 left in the world so that means its own kind is shrinking. In some parts of the world some people are trying to protect them from people that want to kill them.

Argia rhoadsi is a bug that is really awesome. The argia rhoadsi is at the top of damselflies in the food pyramid. This dragonfly eats small dragonflies and mosquito larva. The argia rhoadsi is like a consumer. These dragonflies are great at hiding from predators. They could hide in damp places like in tall grass or in the water.

Although there are all kinds of dragonflies this one has a great part of the world because they help the plant in their environment. It can still give birth to more of its own kind so it couldn’t go extinct. They also attack other dragonflies like the ones that attack their own home. As you can see, the golden winged dancer is one of the most amazing creatures in our environment.

Author: Bryan S.
Published: 03/13

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