Common Name: Boring Clam

Scientific Name: Tridacna crocea

Kingdom : Animalia

Phylum : Mollusca

Class : Bivalvia

Order : Veneroida

Family : Tridacnidae

Genis : Tridacna

Species : T. crocea

The Tridacna crocea clam of commonly known as the Crocea Clam, or Boring Clam. They can grow up to six inches (15cm). They live a very long life. They need high calcium levels, and it seems to need iodine supplementation. They get most of the nutrients from photosynthesis. So if they are not in a bright area they will have a hard time living. But they are also filtering eaters. Meaning they can get food when it just floats by. They will feed on ammonia and nitrates.


They are found in Australia, Guam, Indonesia, Japan, Boston, Mariana Islands, Palau, Pupa New Guinea, The Philippines, Singapore, The Solomon Islands, Thailand, Vanuatu, Vietnam, and possibly Tuvalu. It is found in a lot of places around the world. Not very many countries eat them. But they are very popular to eat in Boston. You can buy them each for $9 to $30.

They are the smallest giant clam. It has a unique blue color. Also it has black and different shades of blue. The shells color is swirls of blues and blacks. It even has a teal or turquoise color in it. It has a very unique shell, with all kinds of different colors.

An interesting fact is a way it reproduces. They release gametes into the water, where they meet up with other gametes and fuse. The fused gametes are almost microscopic. They go to the ocean bottom and grow. It’s considered asexual reproduction because a single clam releases both male and female gametes. There is no male or female for this clam. Learning about this clam was very interesting. I noticed it is a very unique clam. With all its features it has such as its colors and reproduction process. It was cool to learn about an animal that no one has ever really seen or heard of.

Author: Mitchell G

Published: 02/2008

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