Common Name: Black and White Sea Lily

Scientific Name: Tropiometra carinata

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Echinodermata

Class: Crinoidea

Order: Comatulida

Family: Tropiometridae

Genus: Tropiometra

Species: T. carinata


Elegant feather stars may grow to 20 cm in total length. They are variably colored in yellow to brown and are occasionally variegated in yellow and brown. They have ten long arms with ciliated side branches that taper to a point.  

These animals are found off the South African coast from the Cape Peninsula to Mozambique. They are seen subtidally and down to at least 51m underwater.

Elegant feather stars are usually found singly on shallow reefs and are more abundant on deeper reefs. If displaced they may swim using their arms. 


Photo Credit:

Alvaro E. Migotto and Luiz Fernando Netto