Family - Equidea
(Horses, Donkeys & Zebras)

The family Equidae contains horses, donkeys and zebras. To identify an equidae look for animals with thick skulls and stocky bodies. Most equidae have mane and a lock of hair on the forepart of there head called a forelock. And look in inside there mouths you can find 40 to 42 teeth. But if look inside a females one you can find that their canine teeth are absent. And like other Perissodactyla they are odd toed and they have simple stomachs.

Equids are the most numerous group of modern perissodactyls. They are mostly found in open habitats of Eastern, Southern Africa and Near East of Mongolia. They can also be found in grasslands, savannas and sandy deserts. Equidae have also adapted to stony desserts. So if you are in one of these locations be on the look out.

Now some special information, did you know that there are very fast and swift runners. Equids are herbivore which means they only eat grass or vegetables. There eyes are set far back giving them a wide angle view. That's all about the family called Equidae.

Author: Natalia G.
Published: 09/2008