Common name: Black Spotted Flatworm

Scientific name: Uvulifer ambloplitis

Kingdom: Animilia

Phylum: Platyhelminthes

Class: Trematoda

Order: Strigeatida

Family: Diplostomatidae

Genus: Gunnellichtys

Species: U. ambloplitis

My animal’s scientific name is an Uvulifer ambloplitis. Its common name is a black spotted flatworm. The size of this little thing is around five to thirty millimeter. The coloration is just as if it says in the common name with black spots, but there lighter like a gray color. The adaptation of a black spotted worm is that they are a medium size. Why do black spotted flatworms do well in their ecosystem you might ask me? Well the live in water, but a black spotted worm does not live that long out side of a host. The things they eat help them live better. The parts of the world black spotted flatworms live in is a variety of marine, fresh water, terrestrial habitat worldwide.

Next, I am going to tell you about is the population. There are about 18,000 to 24,000 black spotted flatworms. The role in the food web is parasitical. They do not compete for food in a traditional food web, but they do compete for host fish. Black spotted flatworms compete for food by being eaten. The number one thing that popped out at me when I was reading is that the black spotted flatworms are 5 to 30 mm. I learn about million things but the top two things are that U. ambloplitis is the same thing as a black spotted flatworm. The next thing I learned is that they are predators and they live inside fish and birds.

Author: Angelina C

Published: 02/2008


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