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Common Name: Polystoma intergerrimum

Scientific Name: Polystoma intergerrimum


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Platyhelminthese

Class: Thermatoda

Order: Polyopisthomatides

Family: Polystomatides

Genus: Polystoma

Species: P. intergerrimum

Polystoma intergerrimum was found in 1791 by Ruldolf. This flat worm has no common name, and they look like flat ovals. They are about 0.39 in in length; they have six suckers and sixteen hooklets. The mouth's coloration is a redish shade. You can find these animals in North America.


These animals have adapted to their environment by fighting off diseases for their frog hosts. P. intergerrimum lives inside of a frog’s bladder and feeds off of its blood. These flat worms grow very slowly. P. intergerrimum are not threatened by humans and do not have any problem adapting to change.


A very important fact about these animals is how they reproduce, for they don’t have eggs while their frog lives on land. The flat worms have only one single egg, which develops and hatches. So, these animals reproduce in an unordinary way.



Author: Megan M

Published: 2/2008

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