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Common Name: Australian Rainforest Scorpion 

Scientific Name: Liocheles waigiensis


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Anthropoda

Class: Arachnida

Order: Scorpiones

Family: Liochelidae

Genus: Liocheles

Species: L. waigiensis


When you hear the word scorpion you think of claws and pinching.  But now what do you think when you hear the scientific name, Liocheles Waigiensis or the common name Australian rainforest Scorpion.  Liocheles Waigiensis is a rare name so we call it by its common name.  Rainforest scorpions are big and green.  They are mostly located in the Australian rainforest.  Also in Apua, New Guinea, Indonesia, and Australia.  This essay will tell you about the Australian rainforest scorpion.


I’m going to tell you the general description of this animal.  The ARS have flattened bodies and can be very powerful.  20-25 litter size is when the ARS is born.  The longest it can be is 550 mm.  However it is slightly shorter and quite narrower than female ARS.  A dark green is the color of the ARS.  Its adaptations are to live in rock crevices and beneath bark on fallen, rotting logs.  They have flattened bodies and powerful pedipalps.  This is there general description. 

Did you know the habitat, population, or conservation of the ARS?  The habitat of the animal is Queenlands rainforests.  The habitat is very green.  There are 1752 described species.  It is still the same now or even more.  One of the common deaths for the scorpion is the moult.  This shows there way of hoe their life is. 


Have you ever wondered what the diet, feeding habitats, or the predators are for the Liocheles Waigiensis?  They use their venom to kill or paralyze prey.  It’s also defense for the predators.  They will eat wood lice, slugs, snails, and sometimes human.  They eat during the day and night sense they are dark they can blend in.  They eat by putting venom in prey and eat up.  It’s prevented from getting eaten by their hard exoskeleton and venom.  This shows how and what they eat. 


There important because it will kill preys you don’t like and their venom can be useful if an animal is attacking you.  What stood out to me was that they can be 550 mm long.  That’s very long.  Not all animals are harmful you can have this one as a pet, but if you ever see please don’t kill it.  Now you know about this animal.


Author: Crystal M.

Published: 03/2018



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