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Common Name: Asian Forest Scorpion

Scientific Name: Scorpiops lonimanus


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Anthropoda

Class: Arachnida

Order: Scorpiones

Family: Euscorpiidae

Genus: Scorpiops

Species: S. longimanus


My virtual zoo assignment was on a scorpion but, not just any scorpion the Heterometes longimanus scorpion. It’s a very big and frightening scorpion that lives in a lot of different places around the globe. Last, of all, my purpose of this animal report is to entertain and inform you about the Heterometes longimanus.


Do you know anything about the general description about the Asian Forest Scorpion? Well, they are mostly all black and sometimes there a reddish brown. Also, a common size of it it’s from 3.5ft-5.0ft long. The lifespan of my scorpion is about twenty-five to thirty years old. They can also adapt to captivity very well because they are aimed animals. These scorpions are also very poisonous. Their venom sticks out of their tail. You can identify these animals by their big claw-like pinchers, large stomach, and long tail that curls over there head. So, this was the common information you’d find out about a Heterometes longimanus.


Have you ever heard of the habitat for an Asian Forest Scorpion? It is in lots of different places that are everywhere around the globe. There is seventy-nine different species in this family of this scorpion. The places they all live in are; Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela, and Asian countries. They also mainly lived in the Asian countries because there the Asian Forest Scorpion. They also lived in vegetated forests and tropical-like areas. So, now you know where a habitat is of the herometrus longimanus scorpion is.

What are the eating habits of a scorpion of this kind? They are many different kinds of different foods this longimanus eats. It eats all this: mealworms, super worms, silkworms, crickets, locusts, and cockroaches. But, their favorite one of all is the crickets. They eat pinhead crickets when they are young and the only cockroaches they eat are flying ones. Also, in their habitat it says they live in vegetated areas too. A way it can avoid being eaten is to go in the trees. These scorpions love to get in the trees so, now they can keep safe. Now you’re aware of the things this scorpion eats.

Well know you know a lot of facts about this scorpiops longimanus. Now you know the importance of my animal is to be a pet, to be a wild animal, to stay in captivity, and many other reasons why this scorpion is so important. The two things that stood out to me were that they are nocturnal and the other thing was that they live in so many different places and even different continents. So as you can see, this was my virtual zoo animal project.

Author: Meg W.

Published: 02/2013

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