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Common Name: Broad-Snouted Caiman

Scientific Name: Caiman latirostris


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum:  Cordata

Class:  Reptila

Order:  Crocodila

Family: Alligatoride

Genus:  Caiman

Species:   C. latirostris

The Broad Snorted Caiman could grow up to 3.3m, although most male individuals in the wild do exceed 2m. Females never exceed 2m, and are usually smaller in the wild. The way the caiman looks is brownish mottling on a yellowish fading two cream color.  Broad shorted caiman has a greater tolerance for colder conditions, given the latitudes at which they occur. Their darker coloration is an adaptation to this, being designed to absorb more radiated heat.


A highly aquatic species which is found primarily in mangroves marshes and swaps throughout its distribution, together with the habitat associated with numerous small Atlantic river drainages. Broad snorted caiman is found in north Argentina, Bolivia, southwest Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.


There are 250,000 to 300,000 estimated Broad snorted caiman in the world. These rare alligators and crocodiles are still hunted for their hides, which are treated to make leather.  Wildlife biologists have noted that caiman populations seem to benefit fish populations. As caiman populations decrease, fish populations decrease as well.


The Broad snorted caiman eats insects, fish, birds, small mammals, small crustaceans, and water snails. They compete with other caimans or alligators and crocodiles.


The Broad snorted caiman is the most hunted by humans. The broad snorted caiman avoids getting eaten by hiding swaps and mangroves.


I learned that Broad snorted caimans live up to 40 years and that female lay 30-60 hard-shelled egg in a nest constructed of vegetation. They will guard the nest until the young hatch.

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